Red Hat takes application development to the bank

Ho-hum, another impressive quarter from Red Hat.

The open source leader has made a habit of churning out consistent, profitable growth, even as its would-be open source peers rake in billions from VCs only to see it evaporate in the frenzied pursuit of paying customers. I’ve suggested that such companies need to become boring like Red Hat, but Red Hat’s growth no longer looks pedestrian.

In fact, in its first quarter of the company’s fiscal year (FY 2017), Red Hat is showing signs of becoming a serious staple of enterprise computing for decades to come.

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154 million American voters’ records exposed thanks to unsecured database

154 million U.S. voters’ records were exposed due to a misconfigured CouchDB instance, according to MacKeeper security researcher Chris Vickery. “It was configured for public access with no username, password, or other authentication required.”

Vickery determined the leaky database was on Google’s Cloud services and traced it back to a client of L2, a company which claims to be the country’s “most trusted source for enhanced voter” data.

The database included fields for addresses, age, congressional as well as state senate districts, education, estimated income, ethnic, name, gender, languages, marital status, phone, voting frequency, presence of children, and if the voter was a gun owner.

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